Gregory ODIAl

You where the director of Isomatrix TG ldt.

You have the deposits of many people scammed by StratxMarkets.

I am sure you understand what a campaign launched in your favour would entail, posts to Ripoffreports etc, these you cannot stop or remove. All the people who you hurt and taken money from would have their say to the world.

This will soon start.


Binaryscams are helping the fight against StratxMarkets

These guys are heavily involved in investigating and exposing StratxMarkets, any information would be very helpful to them and they may be able to help you with recovery of funds. Below is a link to their website and a link to the extract on StratxMarkets.

Account Details

If anyone has been scammed by StratxMarkets, it would be very helpful if we could have;

Account Names You sent money to.

Account Numbers and Sort Codes.

If possible the amounts paid to StratxMarkets.

Thanks for your help. another StratxMarkets Scam spin off.

Action Fraud I just wanted to inform you, StratxMarkets customers are being scam called from a company cliaming to be looking after the insolvency of Stratxmarkets called

They are mentioning names of police officers from Action Fraud, saying they are working with them to refund the money from Startxmarkets.

They seem to be working on all the customers names from Stratxmarkets, this site is registered to a George Eiffert from Chessington. They are saying the need 7k for payment of a pink sheet so as to get a refund of the money and their site can be checked and verified. I have seen this site is only 78 days old, this looks like another spin off from Stratxmarkets, to scam people again.

No pink sheets exists because StratxMarkets is not a trading company and has no relation to real trades.

looks like this guy wants to scam the people already been scammed by StratxMarkets;

George Eiffert

Chessington, KT9 2JU

6 Oct 2017 · Owner: George Eiffert Owner Address: 81 York way. Owner City: Chessington Owner Postcode: KT9 2JU Owner

ActionFraud are chasing Stratx Markets

Just some information which you might need, which Action Fraud does not have.

Stratx Markets has this company behind the sences;

Bogdan Trading ltd

Registered by a Romainian;

Pepencia Bogdan

8 Marta Roase Court,

188 Croydan Rd,

London, SE20 7YU

The payments made to Stratx markets are via a Natwest Account;

Inline image 1

The main guys behind Stratx markets are; I believe at present they have just started another company at companies house, these seem to be registered, started and closed to hide where and what the money coming is is for. Once these are stricked off, I dont think there is anything any one can do.

The Ltd Company behind StratxMarkets has filed to be Struck Off. Bogdan Trading Ltd, this account is used to fund Stratxmarkets. This is where your deposits went.


This is the company and account with HSBC which all you traders who have deposited money to, behind Stratxmarkets. When this company is allowed to be struck off, then all your chances of getting any money back have disappeared, not that there where any in the first place. This Active proposal is a resent activity filed for by Mr Bogdan Pepenica.


Stratx Markets is based in the Marshall Islands.

Companies registered in the Marshall Islands do not pay any tax on income from anywhere in the world and need not submit a financial statement.
If you wanted to issue proceedings against this company, you would have to investigate its affairs, so you would need to find out where the bank account for this compnay was opened, maybe a numbered account in Hong Kong and find the directors, which in the Marshall Islands, the names do not need to be declared.
From my understanding I would assume what Stratx Markets is doing is a crime, but a crime which is very hard to investigate or find the perpertrators.
So this company scams UK people, then scams HMRC and no-one seems to bat an eyelid.
It seems international tax dodging pays off for some.
We are doing our part in notifying people in-order to bring this criminal operation to a grinding halt. However, we need the help of the trading community as well. You can do your part in sharing this review site everywhere so as to prevent any further traders failing victim to such a disgusting scam!.
Some good sites with information on the scale of this Scam industry;

Don’t be scammed by Stratx Markets

Have you been scammed by Stratx Markets?

At you thinking that maybe one day you will find a way to get your funds returned?

I have seen many blogs and reports here about them. When I went on at this site and they gave me details about what to do if I have got scammed by them, i.e. report them on Ripoffreports, Action Fraud and Review sites.
I know there are three people working there Bradley Alan Staerck, Eddie Campbell and George Radford.
Is there anything we can do about them and get them closed down, why are they allowed to operate in the heart of London.
Everyone who reads this, reporting works and I only knew I was being scammed when I found this review website, then I tried to make a withdrawal and it was denied. Then the penny dropped, I have just been taken, you feel so down and foolishly stupid for believing them and it is painful.
I do believe if enough of us do this, we will make everyone aware of this situation, and they will close down, they only have three people working there, two must be owners, this can’t be hard.

When you fill out your reports, then post the links back here, this website will be seen by everyone who googles Stratx Markets and hopefully will stop them ever making a deposit they will never see again.