Mayor of London, we have dog on the streets of London which needs to be picked up, bagged and binned, we also have StratxMarkets.

Mayor of London;

Your residents cannot drive or park in London illegally without getting fined, can you tell me how StratxMarkets operates in London as Scam Binary Options Broker?

Companies House;

The money which is deposited into Stratxmarkets goes in a company called Bogdan Trading Ltd

214 Acton Lane, Park Royal, London, England, NW10 7NH, with Nature of Business (SIC) 96090 – Other service activities not elsewhere classified.

with no specific details of what it does, with a shared rental address in Brent. Is this not suspicious circumstances for a Financial Broker in central London?


You have allowed this company Bogdan Trading Ltd to accept deposits from customers, how many scammed customers do you need who have made deposits to report to you, to investigate this account.


How many reports about this company do you need to act? I know many people who have reported this company to you, but yet nothing is done. 2500 fraud complaints made against Binary Options companies made last year.

Inland Revenue 

No-one seems to know where this company is working from, the central London address has no one there, the Bogdan limited company is registered in London with no specifics owned by a Romanian guy renting a room in Brent. Yet this company is registered in the Marshall Islands, is this companies details beyond Inlands Revenue’s reach.

Parliament members

How many constituents complaints do you need to act on this company fraudulently holding peoples money?


We have resorted to internet sites like this and self motivation because companies like this banned in many countries are allowed to trade in London because the UK is slow at implementing laws against this type of company. All over the internet you can see the problems this type of company has caused from completely ruin people’s lives to suicides. We need to act now on this company, if the law can’t help us. 

Licensed Binary Options Companies

Companies like Statxmarkets will bring down your entire industry, some responsibility should be on your shoulders to prevent this of the self companies like this operating in central London, with obscure registration. 

Internet Add companies

I see many paid for fake adds for this company, you yourself are just as guilty as Stratxmarkets for posting fake adds for money to help this company Scam innocent people.

In due course I will post investigations on all these five star fake ratings paid for by Stratxmarkets, I really do not like this type of fake representation as much as the producers of fake goods, which cause harm and are dangerous. So all you companies posting fake reviews about Stratxmarkets, remove them otherwise I am coming for you.


“”In his letter to the Justice Ministry, Giambrone also wrote that the risk of international money laundering operations relating to the fraudulently obtained money is very high, “as most of these companies are associated with offshore holding companies in the Caribbean or the Seychelles, notoriously known as tax havens.”

He added, “the recent Panama Papers scandal shows how these offshore entities are more and more frequently used for tax avoidance purposes, so the Israeli tax authorities may also have an interest in finding out how these local operations are run locally if the investors’ funds are channeled overseas.””


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