StratxMarkets Cold Called Me and Took My lifes Svaings.

“I told them I have no money to invest only some money for a knee operation, they said “Don’t worry
we will triple your funds in a week” “Now I can’t withdraw my funds and I can’t walk”

A guy called Tom from StratMarkets called me and asked me what I wanted in my life. I said I need two Knee operations so that
I can painlessly walk, I have saved 10k for one knee so far. He told me he only really deals with large institutions and trading banks
but because I am a special case and he really likes me and feels sorry for me, he will manage my funds. I told him I have no funds available
for investment, I can’t afford any money. He told me he would take my 10k, apply some funds from Stratxmarkets, to make it upto 15k,
then triple my funds to 45k in a week, then I can take my 10k back, and we can just trade with the profits. He told me, he does not
want to deal with my own funds, because they are too valuable to me and only wants to deal with the profits, thats how Stratxmarkets work.
He said the minium entry value is 15k, so Stratxmarkets will add another 5k to his funds, then take it back at a later stage.
He starts to mention Warren buffet and the Berkshire Hathaway Fund and the BlackRock Investment Company.
Stratxmarkets now will not let me withdraw any funds because they say I have bonuses applied to my account, I am trapped
and my life savings for my Knee operation gone.


4 thoughts on “StratxMarkets Cold Called Me and Took My lifes Svaings.

  1. I feel for you….
    This same guy Tom Collins gave me the exact same BS about Warren Buffet!
    They did the exact same thing to me….made some good trades,got me to part with more money…applied bonuses without discussion or permission from me….and then when I tried to make a withdrawal told me that I couldn`t because of the bonus.
    What utter liars!
    They do not record any conversations with clients so we have no recourse.
    They have my money in a frozen account and will not release it.
    They are dishonest and fraudsters.
    No one should be scammed by them the way that they have scammed us.


  2. same damn thing I experienced, i was really lucky to have gotten across to Calgarysecurity org because stratx had already turned me to a depressed suicidal mom.


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