Stratxmarkets took me over the edge!

I was made redundant and I received a lump sum. Stratxmarkets cold called me and told me I am just in luck and all my problems can be solved by them. The guy explained the markets and the fact that they make profits either way and the trades are hedged, so either way the market goes I will win.

I explained to him that it will be extremely hard to find another job and this money is all I have to feed my family. Stratxmarkets told me not to worry and they have traders who never lose, my money is 110% safe with them. They told me to try 10k first and they will show you what we can do.

They showed me a 25% profit in days. They told me with 50k or 100k imagine what the profits would be. They convinced me to deposit 50k, then they said they need to add a little bit more to my funds because it is not enough for the strategy they have planned, with a top broker. So they made it up to 55k by adding 5k of their own money. I needed to take 1k out for a garage bill, then at that point, I realized I have been scammed. Every withdrawal was denied. They told me I agreed to a bonus and I have signed their contract so no withdraws until I have traded 30x 5k, 150k.

They have ruined my life, my doctor has put me on depression pills and I feel suicidle, but I have a family to look after.


6 thoughts on “Stratxmarkets took me over the edge!

    1. Hi, I think calling him stupid is a bit too far. These guys cold call and are very good at extracting money from you. They tempt you at a time of need, promise you, that your money worries will be over and try every underhand technique to extract your money. They hit you at a venerable time of need. To offer a hungry person food, and unemployed person a job, a thirsty person a drink, a lonely person a kind word, this is taken advantage of a persons needs and attacking them, where they are weak. For calling someone stupid at a weak time of their life, is a wrong thing to do. Not everyone, knows trading and how to trade, so they rely and put trust in others who claim to be professionals. Professional swindlers are also very good at their job, like Stratxmarkets.


  1. It does not surprise me to read these post about the fraudsters Stratxmarkets as I too have been scammed by them.
    Yes similar calls from numerous so called traders but in truth gutless wide boys working for this company to mouth off about their skills.
    Making money on your accounts to reel you in, part with money and then apply bonus`s on the account without any discussion,permission or explanation that these will prevent you withdrawing any of your hard earned money!
    Yes, I too have a frozen account with them. Money just sitting there which they will not allow me to withdraw, earning them more and doing NOTHING for me.
    They need to be stopped and the company destroyed for all the damage it is doing to so many innocent people.


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