Another Stratxmarkets Fleecing!

A young woman called by Stratxmarkets, is persueded to open an account with 1k.
She explains she knows nothing about trading and has never traded, so this will
be entirely a managed account.
As normal Stratxmarkets made some profits and was passed on to another trader
to manage her account. Now the pressure started with Stratxmarkets telling her to
make a bigger deposit, phoning 3 or 4 times a day. This was only a dip in the water
for her and never had any serious thoughts about this type of investment. As news
events occured, she would get more phone calls from, Stratxmarkets, telling her to
make a deposit now and take advantage of these news events. She deposited 10k,
this started to accumulate profits and she was happy with the outcome. She was
passed on to another account manager, now the pressure started for her to deposit 50k or 100k, the technique we have seen many times in the past from Stratxmarkets. They told her she is below the entry level for the really big money making trades, but Stratx can help her by adding some of their funds to her account. She did not want to
commit to a larger amount and started to get heavily pressured by Stratxmarkets.
She was finally fed up with all the constant phones, she wanted to close her acount with Stratx.
They told her, she can only close her account when she has made 120k of trades, she was shocked, angry and disgusted. Stratxmarkets told her this is not a big problem, she can deposit 50k, then a few trades will earn her profit and remove the withdraw restriction. She was shocked that, when trying to close her account and withdraw, Stratx, wants her to deposit more, inorder to close her account.
We told her, your money is lost, so think of it as gone, a lawyer will take money and get no-where, Police will do nothing, this is not a crime in their eyes, your local MP, we have seen the blogs about what Stratx, thinks of members of parliament. You need to act now and stop Stratx from scaming others, report them on and Actionfraud, send reviews on and every other tading
blog you can find, to warn, everyone and close them down.


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