3 people who work at Stratxmarkets, involved in this mass fleecing? Bradley Alan Staerck and Rafael Santin.

George Radford, Eddie Campbell and Bradley Staerck.

I believe Bradley Alan Staerck is the main guy behind this company working together with Rafael Santin. They both seem to be directors of Stark Custom Campers Ltd and registered as Traders. This seems very suspicious.

Do you know any of these people?



26 thoughts on “3 people who work at Stratxmarkets, involved in this mass fleecing? Bradley Alan Staerck and Rafael Santin.

    1. Most of the owners of these brands are barely literate, and have cut their teeth on the streets, selling pyramid schemes, recycling leads and stealing them from previous employers, moving on to the vice industry – adult entertainment and gambling – before taking the same you-against-me business model into binary options by disguising a weighted gambling system as a financial markets investment platform.

      Of course, as with the many schemes that the street-wise but aggressive purveyors of binary options have operated before, the lifespan is short. It is simply grab as much as possible and run away.

      Thus far, these brands have been able to circumvent national laws by structuring their companies in a way that they are based in one jurisdiction, registered in another, and then fleecing people in other parts of the world, meaning that there is no jurisdiction.


    2. Was verbally told that they would insure me against the first trade and I would not lose. Complete lie and money was lost – just glad I did not get talked into depositing more money until I have tested the sales talk.

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      1. I cannot get any more out of my account first they said it was due to my account not being traded enough times then it was due to compliance issues, now it’s because they don’t feel it is the right option for me! SCAM

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    1. StratX marketsare in my opinion a scam. they promised a trial and all funds back if asked for at end of trial. came up with excuses such as not enough trades completed,; bonus given which stymies return etc.
      have received none of my funds back.

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      1. With who you were dealing with? And did you trade yourself or let them to trade for you? I have invested quite large amount of funds on their account, but let them to trade for me. Now, after reading these articles, I am not 100% sure if I did a right thing and I should request my investment back or just give it a go and see if they will fulfill their promises.
        I believe if you paid by credit card, you will be able to ask money back from your bank?

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  1. DO NOT PUT ANY MONEY INTO STRATX. I personally lost a small fortune. They traded without authorization. Account dwindled to a small fraction. I received a letter stating they would release a tiny % of my funds back. Didn’t receive this either.

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  2. Hi there,

    I just have found your blog. Just to let you know that I am also one of the victims and I have a similar story like others who shared their stories on your blog. On top of that Stratx made me stupid even more by making me appeal to their so-called compliance department for money back, and this way they played with me further 2 and half months and finally said I wouldn’t get any money back

    Let’s team up and fight back if possible. One of my investment managers was George Radford, I found him on LinkedIn

    and I wrote to him but he didn’t reply at all.

    I also found a few others who work for Stratx






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