Don’t be scammed by Stratx Markets

Have you been scammed by Stratx Markets?

At you thinking that maybe one day you will find a way to get your funds returned?

I have seen many blogs and reports here about them. When I went on at this site and they gave me details about what to do if I have got scammed by them, i.e. report them on Ripoffreports, Action Fraud and Review sites.
I know there are three people working there Bradley Alan Staerck, Eddie Campbell and George Radford.
Is there anything we can do about them and get them closed down, why are they allowed to operate in the heart of London.
Everyone who reads this, reporting works and I only knew I was being scammed when I found this review website, then I tried to make a withdrawal and it was denied. Then the penny dropped, I have just been taken, you feel so down and foolishly stupid for believing them and it is painful.
I do believe if enough of us do this, we will make everyone aware of this situation, and they will close down, they only have three people working there, two must be owners, this can’t be hard.

When you fill out your reports, then post the links back here, this website will be seen by everyone who googles Stratx Markets and hopefully will stop them ever making a deposit they will never see again.

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