You work hard for your money and Stratx Markets Scam it out of your pockets.

Don’t let them get away with it, fight back.

Time and time again, another person scammed by Stratx Markets and they sit back
and wait for some miracle that might get their hard earned money back. Your thinking,
they did give me a bonus, so maybe they are entiled to not let me withdraw my funds.
I did not understand this, or was this made clear to me, maybe this is my fault.
Maybe I could try and trade this, then if I made enough profit they will let me
withdraw my funds. They will Never Ever let you withdraw your funds, lets get this part clear.
These are not Traders, this is not a Trading System, there is no Backend connected to
the finacial markets, they make money when you lose money, or when they apply a bonus.
They will call the bonus anything they like and will apply it any time and for whatever
reason they like. They just need you to sign a document and then they know the money is
theirs and you have just been fleeced. The document signed keeps them within the law and no-one can touch them, the police will tell you hard luck, lawyers will take you cash and get nowhere, because the money is gone and the company has no entity in the this country.
Why do you think, all they have been after is a deposit.
Most people will google them first to decide if they will commit to a deposit.
Find all the review sites and give a honest review of the “Scamming Bastards” on
Ripoffreports, Action Fraud and, post to all of them, at least you can save someone else from these scamming scumbags.

Also don.t forget Google reviews.




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