Stratx Markets is based in the Marshall Islands.

Companies registered in the Marshall Islands do not pay any tax on income from anywhere in the world and need not submit a financial statement.
If you wanted to issue proceedings against this company, you would have to investigate its affairs, so you would need to find out where the bank account for this compnay was opened, maybe a numbered account in Hong Kong and find the directors, which in the Marshall Islands, the names do not need to be declared.
From my understanding I would assume what Stratx Markets is doing is a crime, but a crime which is very hard to investigate or find the perpertrators.
So this company scams UK people, then scams HMRC and no-one seems to bat an eyelid.
It seems international tax dodging pays off for some.
We are doing our part in notifying people in-order to bring this criminal operation to a grinding halt. However, we need the help of the trading community as well. You can do your part in sharing this review site everywhere so as to prevent any further traders failing victim to such a disgusting scam!.
Some good sites with information on the scale of this Scam industry;


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