ActionFraud are chasing Stratx Markets

Just some information which you might need, which Action Fraud does not have.

Stratx Markets has this company behind the sences;

Bogdan Trading ltd

Registered by a Romainian;

Pepencia Bogdan

8 Marta Roase Court,

188 Croydan Rd,

London, SE20 7YU

The payments made to Stratx markets are via a Natwest Account;

Inline image 1

The main guys behind Stratx markets are; I believe at present they have just started another company at companies house, these seem to be registered, started and closed to hide where and what the money coming is is for. Once these are stricked off, I dont think there is anything any one can do.


5 thoughts on “ActionFraud are chasing Stratx Markets

  1. Hi there,

    I just have found your blog. Just to let you know that I am also one of the victims and I have a similar story like others who shared their stories on your blog. On top of that Stratx made me stupid even more by making me appeal to their so-called compliance department for money back, and this way they played with me further 2 and half months and finally said I wouldn’t get any money back

    Let’s team up and fight back if possible. One of my investment managers was George Radford, I found him on LinkedIn

    and I wrote to him but he didn’t reply at all.

    I also found a few others who work for Stratx




      1. Hi Paul,

        How are you going to check my name and information? I haven’t given you my full name or any other details, how would you know who I am? Do you have the list of all the victims?



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