another StratxMarkets Scam spin off.

Action Fraud I just wanted to inform you, StratxMarkets customers are being scam called from a company cliaming to be looking after the insolvency of Stratxmarkets called

They are mentioning names of police officers from Action Fraud, saying they are working with them to refund the money from Startxmarkets.

They seem to be working on all the customers names from Stratxmarkets, this site is registered to a George Eiffert from Chessington. They are saying the need 7k for payment of a pink sheet so as to get a refund of the money and their site can be checked and verified. I have seen this site is only 78 days old, this looks like another spin off from Stratxmarkets, to scam people again.

No pink sheets exists because StratxMarkets is not a trading company and has no relation to real trades.

looks like this guy wants to scam the people already been scammed by StratxMarkets;

George Eiffert

Chessington, KT9 2JU

6 Oct 2017 · Owner: George Eiffert Owner Address: 81 York way. Owner City: Chessington Owner Postcode: KT9 2JU Owner


10 thoughts on “ another StratxMarkets Scam spin off.

  1. Looks like they are leaving London. Haven’t answered the phone since just before Christmas. My trader was Lawrence Hall, the compliance manager Steven Travis who had repeatedly reassured me over the last few months when I raised concerns about Stratx solvency, and probity that all was well. Only had to work off my trading bonus and then I could withdraw as much as I wanted. Guess what, I did that a month ago and still withdrawals denied and account is being steadily emptied by losing trades.


  2. Dont bother trying to get that money from them, they will even try to get more money off you if you don’t look for other means and ways to get back your money, Stratx and Iq option messed my life up, turned me to depressed debtor. No legal way worked until I came across Calgarysecurity org. I didn’t get the full money back but at least I got more than 80%.


  3. Linrow Clarion Solvency(LCT) just phoned me 30 minutes ago to recover money from Acervo Group another trading company who are now insolvent and I had an account with who scammed me. I believe this LCT company is a scam the same as two others who said they could get my money back.
    1. Clearhouse Departure
    2. Simplified Marketing Solutions.
    I reported these to Action Fraud but nothing has happened to date.
    These companies set up bank accounts for the scam money to be sent to. I reported this to one of the banks 6 months ago but they would do nothing and didn’t want to know.
    These banks should take some action to stop this and it should be their responsibility to investigate these accounts when there is information and evidence of fraud sent to them like I did. Banks have a lot to answer in these matters.

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    1. Bill, I agree with you totally, companies house, the banks, police and internet advertising companies all allow this to happen. Either these are the same people who have access to you details or these details are being sold off by someone. The police have told me that even with names, nothing can be done, almost like this is totally legal to do. Companies house is willing to shut down a company and declare it owes nothing, and police will keep quiet about all the complaints received.
      The nerve they have to try and scam you again like this.


  4. Another scam relating to funds invested in Strat X markets. This company have pretended to be acting with the liquidation company to get invested funds back
    They ask for an upfront payment fee in order to get your money back. I have searched the company and again it is a scam. Don’t be fooled!

    They need to be stopped! Their details are
    Company Insolvency And Rescue Service Ltd
    PHONE: 0203 000 7998

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    1. here seems to be a new industry chasing Stratx market investors who were fleeced when they shut down early January after trying to empty our accounts. I have been contacted by Hawkins Insolvency and Capital City Holdings. Both of these are pretending to be licensed firms but they have subtly different addresses from the genuine ones and have variable details about you, so I suspect are recovery scams. They say Stratx paid client monies into an escrow account with them and they can access it if you pay a fee to get Stratx removed as the proprietor. They all need to be locked up but the authorities don’t seem to want to act.

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  5. Looks like another company Business Insolvency Service Ltd set up in Oct 2017 also calling itself is also trying to fleece those already fleeced by StratxMarkets. They claim to be insolvency practitioners and members of ICAEW but aren’t listed as such anywhere. Beware.

    Name: Business Insolvency Service Ltd company No. 11022747


    1. These guys contcated me too, and then put me onto a “broking firm” called Marcela Gerlova who offer to buy the options that were fleeced by Stratx (although in my case it was through a different firm), but you need to pay a 10% bond up-front. Funnily enough, they have the same address as Stratx at 20-22 Wenlock Rd. I have also checked the published address for Business Insolvency Service and the office there have never heard of them.
      Once bitten, twice shy.


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